Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Black
- High quality and unique case cover for your phone- Protects your Phone from scratches, dirt and bumps- Precise openings on the case, allowing access to all controls and features of the Phone- Made of durable material, skidproof and deluxe...
Black - Charge Mini 3 + Portable Wireless Speaker
General Specifications: CHARGE MINI 3+ is a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Designed For Smartphones and Tablets. The Speaker Has a Stylish Body And Powerful Sound. It Will Be Useful in Any Trip or Out Of Town, In Nature. The Speaker Provides...
Mr Ludo Root-7 Wireless Speaker - Black
Mr Loud R00T-7 BLUTOOTH SUPER BASS SPEAKER - Detail: Root-7 Is A Portable Bluetooth Speaker That Delivers Surprisingly Powerful Stereo Sound. This Compact Speaker Is Powered By Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery That Offers Up To 4 Hours Of Continuous, High-Quality Audio...
HF-Q6S Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Golden
With a strong, bass base and clear sound, this rechargeable, wireless, blutooth/live-in/FM speaker guarrantes 8 uniterrupted hours of good audio output, when fully charged. It is good for both indoor and outdoor activities. The sound will favourably compete with that...
H19 Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker - Black
Product Specification(Phone Model, Color, Design, Type etc), Will Be As Mentioned In the Product Title Above Product Features:Goods are always checked physically before sending (we are used to sending goods).Just in case if the item is damaged due to shipping, please...
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